All Feedbacks are welcome for Responsive survey Form

Hello peeps!
I have created a survey form for codecamp project… Feedback Are appreciated if it is based on issues too.:wink:

here’s the pen link for survey form


Nice design there! I would

try to match check/radio boxes with labels so that clicking on labels will also check matching input boxes.

Change cursor of mouse when it hovers on submit button.

Good luck :+1:

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Thanks for the feedback bro @shimphillip :wink:

i’ve done the cursor thing… but i can’t able to match radio boxes.


I will spill you some hints.

Try giving for attributes to your labels and give ids to your check/radio boxes. It will match them up now.

If you have multiple categories of radio/check boxes, giving name to your input boxes is also wise.

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Thanks for the hint!!
I’ll do it.

In the HTML and CSS sections of codepen there’s an arrow to click on to ‘Analyze HTML’ and ‘Analyze CSS’. You have a couple of minor errors that show in each that you should look at. For instance, in CSS if you fix the two errors your footer will display differently.

Overall, good job!

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hey brother @Roma thanks for telling that!! totally forgot that semicolon!! :rofl::rofl:

Great font selections!
I would say that you might not need the label text since you have the placeholder text, but I like the contrast of the dark font with the linear-gradient. I made this sample form for a fake social network awhile ago without labels for each field.
The suggestion I would give you is to think about the width of each field and the button. Would they look better if they all had the same width?

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yep sure thanks for the suggestion! @brandon_wallace :+1:

It looks very clean and accessible!

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thank you very much @james922