Am i doing right? Help needed

I am on intermediate algorithm challenges. I use wiki to solve the challenges. But yes i do understand whatever is written in their code. So is it worth it for me. Am i learning something?

How long are you spending trying to solve the algorithm yourself before consulting the wiki?

Also, what methods do you use to try and solve algorithms before consulting the wiki?

The answer to those two questions is paramount.

I don’t want to presume the answer to those questions on your behalf :slight_smile:

If, worst-case-scenario, you go straight to the wiki, then it’s pretty pointless, tbh.

well not going straight to wiki but i at least spend 2 hours for solving any algorithm and when i can’t find any help, i go to wiki

2 hours isn’t that long. I think I spent a week on Smallest Common Multiple, but that was an extreme case!

One way to try to learn from the wiki might be to read it thoroughly and really try to understand the solution, then leave it for a night (or two) and see if you can implement that solution yourself later without looking at the wiki again. If it sticks, then you know you you learnt it (short-term, anyway).

The point of the algorithms is to practice problem-solving, not just to learn those specific algorithms.

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Thank you. it was really helpful. I will try to solve he problems myself… But whenever i get stuck to any problem for more than two or three hours i just think to leave programming and look for some other career options…
because in that case i think that i am wasting my time here and that i am not made for coding etc etc.

Don’t worry, I spent 4 days debugging my portfolio page for an old phone specific bug… We are all dumb sometimes, just keep at it until you get better! Then after a few months think rationally if coding really isn’t for you. But if you like it and are not terribly bad, i’d say go for it.

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