Am I following right route?

Hello all,

I just started my Front End Developer training two weeks ago. Before FCC, I followed sololearn a bit but I find there very “Duolingoistic”. Therefore I dropped there and started here! I am so happy now and gratitude to all community.

But I have some issues. At the start, I started with HTML like everyone and followed CSS. Completed Responsive Web Design with some CSS understanding issues (especially the grids.) but I didn’t gave so many important to that because of I will turn back to CSS after JavaScript Algorithms. In Basic Javascript, everything was fine and it looks like Python to me (I checked some Python videos before start Front End Developing road for just understand how computer think) and I passed Basic JavasScript lessons too.

When I met with ES6, damn 90% of lessons made me brainf… I am spending tons of hours at each ES6 lessons and I can’t complete most of lessons without a hint or exact code. I am checking YouTube and other documents for that lessons (For example spread lesson) and I feel like all understood. But when I met with another sample or return to FCC lesson, I could’nt solve the code…

I wonder how it become that hard for me? 2 weeks ago I was painting cats and making texts italic but now I can’t “one shotting” or understand any single lesson without get a help from YouTube etc. or hints-exact codes. I am spending 10-12 hours in a day at camp. But I start to feel like I am copy-pasting. This made me so demoraligized. Maybe am I following wrong route? Am I need to complete Front End Libraries first and return to JavaScript? (all of courses from start)

I don’t know what to do and need some mentoring. Hold my hand cause I’m sinking. Thanks :slightly_frowning_face:

No, don’t do Front End libraries first, you need JavaScript there

If you need you can jump over ES6 part for now and return to it later - it is an important part to know, but it is put in a way that you need more previous knowledge that you can have just there

You can go to regex part and continue there, return to ES6 before doing intermediate algorithms, or whenever you find something that you remember from that section

Anyway, don’t worry, it makes cry many people that section - it is likes a door that only the determined or those that have learned they can jump to other part of curriculum survive

There is an overhaul of curriculum in progress so eventually this door will change, but not any time soon so don’t wait for that

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I think you are on the right way, no doubts.

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you will struggle before you learn, thats fine and normal

Thanks for your great suggestion.