Am I made for it?

Hi there fellow geeks!

I recently developed an interest in how computers work and where they were hiding there brains. I started off by buying a book about python (Includes reading it) and watching video :popcorn: tutorials . Then I found Free code camp and fell in love with it right away. I found the The bite sized lesson tutorials to be easily digestible as well as invigorating and refreshing(Thanks dictionary… :wink:). I have taken the java script basic course as well as most of the responsive web design thingy and have practiced (and practiced, sigh) using HTML and python.

I’ve always gotten along well with math (the subject not the teacher) but being as I found it incredibly challenging to focus and learn new topics that require concentration I found it so impossibly hard to score high grades when it comes to taking exams. Since a little kid Iv Always been the creative and artistic type and not so academic(To put it mildly :smirk:). I was fed the believe that I can’t do well and it was that which partly led to me begin working EXTREMELY hard and put in tremendous effort. Thing have improved but I wondering if I have chosen the right path. Although I Love computers and programming almost as much as pizza​:pizza: I am wondering if I am even good enough and if all the hard work is even worth it as there are so many smart people out there who are more talented.

When I look back at the beginning of my journey I feel that I have advanced a lot but I know that there an endless amount of topics that I have absolutely no knowledge of like cloud computing ML frameworks, NLP, servers GitHub computer systems … blah blah blah whatever those things mean. Even if a successful career in high tech is possible for little ol’ me I don’t have a clue which field I would be best at . It would be impossible for me unless I make till thousand years, to learn Cyber security as well as data analyzing, web development , engineering etc… but how should I know what to learn… I am not that great at designing and love problem solving also I’m a genius( kidding, Absolutely not!). so I have no idea what path to take. Where I’ll be most successful and earn a good income. Where I live security jobs are in high demand but its seems like a tough thing to learn.

So basically I’ve just given you a rundown of half of my thoughts right now(CENSORED of course) and I’m kinda hoping to gain clarity and guidance on this matter so guys, if you would please… answer this post and I’d very much appreciate it.
PS: whomever made it until here and has read more then half of what I’ve written :confetti_ball:GO YOU :confetti_ball: because i couldn’t have possibly achieved that!

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Ultimately no one can really answer this except for you. Im sure you will get some thoughts on it, but no one here can tell you if you chose the right path. The only person that knows you the best is you. I cant say what the right path is for you. This is something thats found through exploring everything

Everyone starts at 0. No one is born with all the this knowledge and skill. Everyone has to work extremely hard in this field. Keep in mind there’s always going to be someone who knows more than you. Not meaning to sound harsh, but its the truth. I would say all the leaders here know more than I do. Its just a matter of putting in the time, and working just as hard. Thats what this field is, time consuming and requires a lot of hard work. The fact that you can see yourself getting better is amazing. Just think of where you will be if you put in the same effort you have to get to this point

Thats normal, because this field is huge and you really should never stop learning if you want to continue to get better. Heres the thing though, I think you need to spend some time and seriously think about what you want to do. Is it software development, web development, cybersecurity, ect. It doesnt do you any good to learn stuff you may not need to do the job you want. Take a few days and seriously think about what you are attracted to the most, and then that will help with what you should be learning

This shouldnt stop you, or be a deterrent. Nothing in programming is easy, but it all comes down to how much you want it and how much time you put into it. If you are looking for a stress free path then I am afraid to say that doesnt exist


Thank you so much, I’m astonished at how quick you answered!

Does this mean I should Start pursuing all my interest until I find what I’m best at or is enjoying programing and improving my skills enough to feel that I’m on the right path?

Take it one day at a time. Maybe monday look at the security side of things, Tuesday consider web development, Wednesday look at software development, etc. look into what it takes to do each one, and maybe make a pros and cons of each one. Do it however you want to do, but finding the one that attracts you the most is important.

Again, I cant say what the right path is for you, and anyone who says “the right path for you is…” is just grasping at straws. I personally think a person who wants to become a developer needs to find the passion for coding, and what to do on their own. I feel like too many people just blindly follow a path they are told because it worked out for the person who suggested.

Remember just because one path worked out for someone else it doesnt mean thats your path. Its ok to take suggestions, but you shouldn’t blindly go down a path just because it was suggested to you. This is your future and the only person that should be deciding on things is you.

Hey I hope I’m not butting in.
After reading your post I just wanted to say give it a try, you said it yourself you love computer and programming. I strongly believe people who are creative provide different way of problem solving, their perspective are so valuable.
I think comparing yourself to others is not fair to you, there is always going to be people who know more than you but you can let that stop you from taking the steps to begin the learning process.
If you are interested in cyber security it might be worth checking out Professor Messors Security + playlist on youtube. I think its a great introduction to the cybersecurity concepts.


I don’t want to resurrect a solved thread, but I resonated with this paragraph and wanted to share a Youtuber named No Boilerplate. He covers primarily Rust (a programming language) content, but also has some videos that speak to this struggle.

He has some other “Hack your brain with…” content on well that I will let you explore on your own, from everything from the opensource note taking software Obsidian all the way to meal prep haha. These kind of soft skills are often overlooked but can really help amplify what you get our of your time which in turns makes the hardskills easier. :slight_smile:

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