Angular / Angular 8

I want to learn Angular 8 as fast as possible, please suggest me some best resources and platforms to learn from.

Good day @htsh,

There are both free and paid resources to learn Angular 8.
The ultimate one would be this one ->
All you will need to do is pay for it online and spent 37 hours+ learning and putting it into practice.

I have gone through the course and I’m left with 17 hours out 37 hours.
It’s definitely worth your time and money.

The instructor is very knowledgeable and have this amazing skill of taking you from the ground.
That is one of the few resources I would bet on.

You can find other Angular courses on the same platform too.

I’m looking forward to see you in the course and get your feedback once you’re half-way there.

Thanks man! I appreciate your response. What do you think about

I have never given it a try but it looks interesting.

You might give it a try and let me know how good it is afterwards.

The tutorial built by the Angular team (Tour of Heroes) is pretty good.

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Adding to the above responses, udemy course from max is one of the well-known courses that are best for giving you the idea of how angular really works. After that, I recommend the angular’s own guide which may sound a bit long and hard to follow but it is the ultimate guide so you can see whatever you can do with Angular over there. Also reading of official docs is always a good practice IMHO.

Scotch is a nice source and I have used it before but if you really wanna have some easy to understand tutorials and videos try Dan Whalin’s free course on Scrimba.
Dan’s one of the superstars in Angular community specially in Angular’s enterprise applications.

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