How to learn Angular?

Hey guys!!!
I’m starting to learn Angular.
I’ve tried it before but I get confused after topics services, http. And also I find programming logic not understandable.
I need to know how should I go about learning Angular?? what are the topics I should be very confident in??? What tutorials and guides should I follow. I have one month to learn angular and be able to build a dictionary app from oxford Api and build a food delivery app.
How should I learn and what should I learn??

To learn Angular takes a while, one month might be short of time.

You need to break down your app more, into pieces to see what you will need. Will you connect to a database, then HttpClient will be a must. Do you need to route between components? Then a few lessons in routing. Especially if you need to be able to handle query params.

Services will just be files that several components can call and use, usually your http calls and responses will be handled in services only sending back the data you need to the component.

Components will handle all the typescript logic and html is seperate files. Do you need to loop out an array, or using if else in the html? Then you got some more stuff to digest to overcome.

So basically, what you need your app to do, look like, and handle will be what you need to learn. I’d say Youtube got some nice videos, Academind have great ones. Udemy has a course from Maximilian, (teacher in Academind) which is great and up to date.

Thanks for taking the time out and answering. I’ll surely follow your advice. Will look at what is needed in the app and give it a good practice and good read.
Thanks a lot.

Starting a simple project that doesn’t have routes and authentication, and working your way up the ladder. The official documentation I found is extremely well written and making HTTP requests is easy at the start (advanced angular requires you to learn observables, rxjs operators, manual change detection and the store pattern).

I learned through a physical book I ordered online (Angular In Action) but there’s also good youtube material on Angular 6+

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If you’re not familiar with classical OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), I’d recommend doing a crash course on that before getting further into Angular. Knowledge of OOP will help accelerate your learning of Angular.

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Adding to nice answers above, if you’re looking for a fast quick and easy to get Angular tutorial there’s a tutorial which is somewhat popular in Angular Community in Udemy. The course is by [Maximilian Schwarzmüller and called Angular 8.

In case you are looking for a free resource you can try the Scrimba tutorial for Angular given by Dan wahlin one of the known figures within Angular Community.

Good Luck!