Angular v13 and server database

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anyone know how to manage the database on the server with Angular?
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Angular is a front-end framework to help you build applications using web technologies, generally isolated to the front-end, or β€œclient-side”, or what the browser loads, renders.

A database is software run on a server that can manage large amounts of data in an organized, reliable and efficient way.

The issue is you must have another piece between these two, as client-side browser based application built using Angular cannot directly access the database because the client-side is insecure. The database wont be able to know or authenticate or interact with the client-side, as that means opening up your database to anyone anywhere**.

The missing piece is server-side code. Server-side code is code you write that runs on the server, where you have complete control over who can interact with it from the client-side (your Angular code) and can protect secrets that allow you to connect to your database.

So if you want to manage your database using Angular, you’d actually need to introduce a whole other part of your stack, server-side code, to do this. This might increase the complexity beyond what you want, and I’d suggest using something else. Maybe using a pre-built database UI, like MySQL workbench (SQL databases), or robo3t(mongodb)?

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<i>We have several tools to develop software but they do not integrate with each other.
We need a global manager.</i>

*API HttpClient (angular)?*

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