Web app - help needed

I plan to code an web client-server app. It is targeted to android platform, but should be possible to access it on PC too.
Basic logic:

  • Online database (postgresql or so)
  • client for uploading photos and displaying data from database
  • server for all backend functions: getting ID for Database from photos (barcodes)

What technologies do you suggest?
Is Angular 2 suitable?
I know basic of Spring boot (made a web game, simple clickable app with REST servises, using Thymeleaf), but not sure whether it is suitable.

Angular is fine for the client, and if you already know a bit of Spring Boot then defo use that for the backend, it would be completely suitable. I don’t know Java frameworks at all, but I’m assuming for one that established there should be mature integrations/helper classes for Angular to make it easier for you to get the client up and running somewhat painlessly.