AngularJS to Angular 6


I have a small AngularJS project that needs to be upgraded to Angular 6.

Now I wondered if anyone has some tips or help in performing this type of upgrade.

For reasons other that security ngpm is not available to me in my desktop IDE, but access to Maven is. is this possible ?

Angular has been rewritten from the ground up in Typescript, and there is no simple way to upgrade a project from Angular.js. They are separate frameworks.

The quickest solutions is - don’t bother. If your app works, then keep it as an AngularJS app. The framework has long term support on version 1.7 I believe.

If you are sure you want to upgrade, then you will have to understand the differences between the two frameworks in some depth. There is an official guide here:

This is a big part of what I do at work. We have a (very large) application that was originally written in AngularJS and we have been working for years to convert it all to Angular (as well as maintaining and growing the application, of course). It is possible to make you application a hybrid AngularJS/Angular app, but it is a pain in the ass. If you want to upgrade your app, I strongly recommend rewriting it from the ground up in Angular and switching over all at once.

If its a small project, I would just re-build the application from scratch. There are some ways (the ones arw2015 mentioned) to upgrade to the newer version of the framework.

I have no idea what ngpm is (do you mean npm?) and Maven is for Java, and thus has nothing to do with Angular. Now building/using/running Angular might not even be possible without npm, due to the framework requiring a lot of tooling, such as the angular-cli, and typescript.

Wow thank you for your answers it has helped a lot
Fortunately the app is small and does not use AngularJS controllers as it uses spring MVC for that.
I will invest some time in looking at what it will take to start from stratch