Angular JS / Angule2/4?

what is the difference between angular js and angular-2/4.

The second version of AngularJS was renamed to Angular.

So, Angular is the newer, component-based framework which uses the latest web standards and some custom decorators.

AngularJS is the older framework, it’s still being used, but almost anyone still working on their AngularJS project is considering (or in the middle of) upgrading to Angular.

Angular is also known as ngx, NG2+. Just to make things really confusing.


From my (very brief) experience with Angular, is most of it TypeScript and command line, or is there more code written within a text editor?

I did a quick overview of AngularJS to see what it was like, and what I liked about it was the familiarity. Using AngularJS attributes and then using those within my app.js seemed simple. Angular seemed totally out there for me.

Angular is tightly bound to Typescript, yes, but since that is just a superset of javascript, you can use them interchangeably. I would highly recommend learning Typescript, though, as the industry is moving towards transpiled javascript languages such as Typescript and Flow.

Angular definitely is a big step forward and might seem a bit far out, but it’s an important step in the right direction and will teach you things that are portable to other frameworks. Without going into detail, these include web components, modules, classes, ES6 (more or less), Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) and Reactive Extensions for JS (RxJS). It’s definitely worth making the move the Angular (2+).

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These are basically 2 different frameworks.

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I think the Angular group pissed off a lot of people with the move to Angular 2. They basically told all Angular1 devs that whatever they know about Angular 1 they should throw away and start fresh with Angular 2.

Angular 1 and Angular 2 are two completely different animals. One is a manatee sea cow, and the other is a Holstein cow. yup – The only thing the same is the “Angular” name.

Personally, I didn’t jump on Angular 2, instead I learned VueJS. If you’re coming from Angular 1, you’d find VueJS very similar and even easier and faster to develop.

My 2 cents.

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I would recommend learning Angular 2/4. The framework is now stable, and thanks to the brilliant CLI, it is very easy to get a project up and running. However, if you are fairly new to web development, you might be better off learning Angular.js first. It is closer to developing in native Javascript and feels a lot more familiar. Vue.js is also a good option. It is not much used in the industry as yet, but it is probably way to learn component based development - and should give a good foundation for Angular.

Ehh, they’re not really too much different, I think. The only things that I think look/feel different is the minor setup of components/modules in them. HTML templating and controller/component.ts coding will feel very similar. Although, if you’re coming to Angular from Angular.js, the syntax can look very weird sometimes(TypeScript + RxJs). Angular 2+ comes with better documentation, an awesome CLI, RxJs support, faster performance, and will get built smaller than an Angular.js project.

NGX is much more of a framework than angularjs. There is a lot more inversion of control where you must learn how to do it the angular way. Not that Angularjs doesn’t have that but it was much more conventional.

They are really 2 different thing. Angularjs is about implementing MVC, while Angular 2 added more component based philosophy. The tooling aslo changed with out of box routing, httpclient, animation modules…etc. project is structured differently.