Classic Angular vs Angular 2.0 and resources

Hi, looking to get people’s thoughts on rather to use classic AngularJS or 1.5.x or 2.0 , as a new Angular user?
Also, what are some good resources out there for learning other than their home site?


I learned a bit of Angular back around v1.4. I found it cool but very convoluted at the time.
From what I can see Angular 2 improves on 1.x a lot, going more modular with components etc.

If you have not yet started and want to really get into it, definitely start with Angular 2.
It’s useful to have an idea what Angular 1.x was like, but only for the case that you might have to work on legacy code sometime.

Having said that, they are still supporting and evolving the 1.x branch, but that’s largely a concession to their earlier developer community, I think.

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Personally, I came accross this choice a few weeks ago.

You have to think of it this way: If you’re going to learn Angular 1.x it will be mostly to learn how to maintain an existing app/website. Sure, you can build new stuff with ng1, but in time it will become legacy code.

With Angular 2 you’re preparing for what comes next. It may be a RC still and some of its components are beta (CLI & Material) but it will become a much richer environment in the future.

ngconf was last week. Watch this videos on Angular Material and Angular CLI to see what’s new in ng2:

Angular Material
Learn Clingon

About Typescript, I believe it will be a good tool to know for the future. You have to remember that all valid ES5/ES6 code will compile in Typescript. Typescript is just an extension of those.

Where to learn Angular 2? I don’t know if I can help you here. There’s a new course in Front End Masters about it, but the subscription cost is not exactly cheap. I think Egghead has a videos on it too, some of are free. The subscription of Egghead is cheaper, but still high.

Hope this helps.

EDIT: Check this out:

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You can take Angular 2 Fundamentals with Typescript courses from Udemy and its free during May.

I checked and the course is no longer available on Udemy… Is there a way I can access this course?

This one appears to be free…

At they have section Books & Training and there are lots of books, podcasts and video tutorials. Some are free and some paid.
Also about Angular 2, I heard that it’s much faster than Angular 1.x, also you can build desktop and mobile native apps with Nativescript.
I have decided to learn it and complete all my challenges on FreeCodeCamp with it.

Hey I never thought about using Angular 2 (learning in the process). Thank you for pointing that out. How are you going about that? What section of the FCC map are you using Angular to solve? I’m looking to learn Angular 1 and eventually 2 but using it to solve FCC problems will be a good way to go!

Currently I’m working on API project and here I’m using Angular 1.4.x but after it I will try to fo all my front-end projects with Angular 2. After that I will be familiar with it and will decide if it’s the framework I need.

Thanks again for that insight. I’ll take some courses and angular 1 series and 2 and hopefully get a feel for it!