Question About Angular versions, Angular 2 vs 12

I am about to learn Angular
And I know a youtube channel that does a great job at explaining
If in a tutorial some one cant explain it well or the accent is diffecult to understand
its diffecult for me to focus and learn.
But this channel i know they can do it well because I learned Reactjs very quickly from them as well.

the problem is that its a pretty old video:
Angular 2 and its from 6 aug. 2016

and i have looked up that there is a Angular ^12.0.0 released at May 12, 2021 reading from the angular website.

I dont know if it would still be a good idea to invest time in a old video if there are major differences in the versions.

So my question is are there major differences from Angulair 2 from 6 aug. 2016 and
angular 12.0.0 released at May 12, 2021.

if the difference is not that big that i rather watch the tutorial from my favoriete tuturial youtube channel.

There will be some big differences, but all versions of Angular are backwards compatible, so yes, as long as it isn’t anything less than v2 (anything less than v2 is AngularJS, not Angular, and is effectively a different framework).

You will need to update what you’ve learned as soon as you’ve worked through it – you’ll have issues if you don’t understand the current documentation. You’re probably going to have to look at update guides to see what’s changed, so v2 - v4 guide, then 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10 and then 10-11 to bring you up to date. Which is a lot, but a few of those bumps are probably only minor changes (I can’t guarantee that, I don’t use Angular)

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