Angular JS or React?

hey friends.What do you prefer Angular JS or React? and why?

Q: React or AngularJS or VueJS or X framework??

A: For the most part it doesn’t matter. Many new libraries/frameworks are being worked on everyday and the ones that were once new and shiny age and die. So learn plain old vanilla JavaScript. Then it doesn’t matter what framework you choose you just need to learn the concepts and you’re good to go.

With that said I love React. VueJS provides the best of React & Angular.

  • I didn’t want to relearn Angular from v1 to v2.
  • React is easy to learn
  • All the cool kids use React enuf said

Thanks for asking this question I added it to my FAQ post :smiley:

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React. React makes you a better programmer. And it just JavaScript. It teaches you about state and how it helps you manage your data better. React will handle the rendering of the DOM for you so you can focus on logic, and UI styling.
Facebook also made create-react-app which comes with webpack goodies so you’ll have a local server, a folder structure ready for you to dive in, and a build script when your app is done and you want to deploy.

Personally I don’t like Vue’s setup, though there is of course nothing wrong with it, it is just a matter of taste.
Vue in my opinion is very easy to get started with, and I’d advise you to look into it first because maybe it is for you.

LareCast teaches VueJS 2.0 for free so go ahead and dive in and see if you like it.

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I prefer React as well.

I actually started learning React and Angular, while having an extensive background in Javascript (before the React and Angular days) and other languages. I started with learning Angular first and had a biased liking to it, but diving into React a bit more it, React would be the one I would prefer. That being said though, they are both excellent tools and learning them both won’t hurt!

I would agree with @alexanderkopke that React makes you a better programmer. If you follow the React quick start / tutorial it explains very well how the data should be managed. React forces you to use a more formal code structure. It makes future changes and reading others’ code much easier. I believe Angular and React both update their components very well.


I had been thinking of learning react or angular for a while but as i was learning other stuff i put it off … happened across a post on vue and it looked interesting so decided to give it a quick check … now im hooked … really enjoy it and finding it pretty easy to pick up … mostly learning the veux side with state management … and now looking into combining it with the backend and database … this might be a littler tougher … but just last night i watched a tutorial with vue and firebase and it was easy to use firebase for the database … plus firebase seems to offer more than just database so i should be able to do a lot with this combination.
as for how i am learning vue … i got this course for €10 … and im finding it extremely good

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I’ve asked some other people this question, here’s the gist of it. If you learn MVC in some way like in Java, an MVC framework like Angular will be more intuitive to you. The complexity is balanced out by the structure, so once you get it, it’s a smoother learning curve. React on the other hand is simple to learn, difficult to master. Conceptually, React is somewhat different from the traditional idea of MVC, but it’s also more flexible.

Pick the one that makes sense to you, and learn that one well. It’ll help you pick up the other one

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Vue FTW!!! :slight_smile:
So much more intuitive, than Angular… my opinion.


Both React & Angular are Great. Hard to go wrong with either. I prefer ReactJS because of the ecosystem.

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You can choose Angular or react as per your project requirement. If you want to enhance your front-side web then Angular will be the best choice.