What is the best JavaScript Frameworks to learn?

Although there are a variety of options for modern developers to choose from a range of JavaScript framework out there, five of them stand out: Meteor.js, Angular.js, React.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js

So please tell me one of 5 frameworks I list above. Which is the best JavaScript framework? Thank you!

Instead of React I’ve learned Vue and loving it. Do not learn Angular. For now my stack is NodeJS, VueJS, ExpressJS, SocketIO, Mongo

“Best” is kinda relative. React and Angular are the big two, with Vue third (and popular). Huge communities of users, lots of documentation and tutorials. In comparison, Ember isn’t very widely used and the community is much smaller, so more difficult to find help. Backbone works but isn’t used very much nowadays; it’s generally been superseded by other frameworks.

Any reason for that or just personal preference? There are plenty of jobs for Angular, so it’s certainly a solid choice in terms of career prospects.

@humandev really it comes down to what you want. IMO React or Vue are good places to start, as they’re relatively light-weight. Angular and especially Ember are very full-featured and can be a bit overwhelming if you just want a view library. Backbone and Meteor are less popular choices these days, I wouldn’t recommend starting with one of them unless you require it for a specific job.

Lots of articles have been written on this. Google vue vs react vs angular vs ember and you’ll find hundreds.

I am learning node.js ,socket.io and processing.js for now

I think best one is React. If you can learn React. You can easy to adopt react native. Then you can easy to do web and mobile projects. You don’t want to learn android.

My question to you is the same as to @MadIce: Why? If you offer an opinion, you should give reasons to back it up, otherwise it’s no help to someone trying to decide which technologies to learn.

Yeah, I mentioned that, react is supportive web and mobile. Then more expert in react easy to handle web and mobile. If you only learn learn android. You are surround one part. I mean mobile platform.