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I would like to use the Google Form API to post questions and have students in my class check boxes to decide which answer they believe is right. Additionally, I would like the responses to be sent to me so that I can have the Google Form use a bar graph to show who answered what. Is there a simple of doing this or source code in javascript?

this is the simple way

the api is the hard way - what do you want to do programmatically that you cannot do manually?

do you want to generate questions dynamically? could you simply insert questions into a static form?

or do you need to generate a whole form dynamically?

I want to set up questions before every class and have the students go on my site to respond to the questions (by selecting a choice). The idea would be to have the student go to a site, respond to questions I have set before class, then check the responses via graph to show how many students chose what answer.

it seems google forms already has everything for this - you can create form templates or copy existing forms and change the questions manually - or you can run scripts in the form that could pull questions from a database

google forms and docs in general also have addons for more customization

I think the thing to do is to flesh out your workflow a bit more and understand the kinds of quizzes you want to create plus exactly what should happen before and after each class and how it should happen