How can i incorporate a google form into my portfolio page?

Hi.So I am trying to create a form on my portfolio page but dont have the back end knowledge to make it fully functional.I heard about google forms but the instructions arent too clear. Can anyone please guide me as to how I can incorprate it into my page?

Yo, if you want to use google forum you can easily do so by:

  1. going to your google drive
  2. New button
  3. More
  4. Google forum, and then when you finish it has an option to copy iframe code, then it just gives you an HTML tag which you can paste where ever you want


Now I understand that you want a cool portfolio page with a contact form but few things:

  • First, a contact form is not part of user stories for this project, yes a lot of people did it because they had back end knowledge or copy pasted other people’s code.

  • Second, a lot of those forms have validation but neither they function fully.

  • And third, if you want to do it, it’s awesome! but a developer, IN MY OPINION, is expected to create his own stuff.

Now that was just my personal opinion, it’s for you to decide, hope to see your portfolio page soon.

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I write you some informations about that as respond to your comment.
Here is a interesting side of tools for static websites:

Here are a good tool what i used to make a form working:

And here is a good stackoverflow article about that topic but I dont know if that actually work, because google changed some stuff, so that many samples doesn’t work anymore:

I think a good developer has to know, what he does and for wich case he does something.
It is it not neccesarry to reinvent the wheel every time but he has to know how the wheel is build and wich wheel tool is the best for the specific case. :wink:

Best regards,


thank you xNavid for your help and advice.
I also used to think that developer was all about “developing” stuff but ever since i came across wordpress
and found out how it had captured 40% of web power, I realized that a good developer does not “reinvent the wheel”.The use of plugins and themes help save time and money.So now I am open to all sorts of “shortcuts”.But I do understand where you are coming from.Thank you again.

Thank you so much TarGue. That was extremely helpful.Its very kind of you to share such wealth of information with me.I tried using this form but it doesnt have labels.Is it possibly to modify this form?

Which form do you mean?
It’s normaly realy simple to add Labels to a form.
In material design lite you see some samples here.