How to have Excel Update automatically

I have a google form on codepen that I would like to have import the responses to Excel automatically after the user submits. How would I go about doing that?

Edit: I think I misunderstood your question entirely. I’m not familiar with Google Forms, but a quick Google search pulls up this:

Choose where to save form responses

When you send a form, you can gather the responses inside the form or separately in Google Sheets.

Google Sheets uses formats compatible with MS Excel.

Original answer

Old skool method (no libraries required): export to .csv (comma separated values) format using a data URI.


CSV spec

A couple of gotchas:

  • Don’t add spaces after the comma delimiters.
  • Remember to enclose any fields containing commas, quotation marks, or newlines with quotation marks.
  • Escape literal quotation marks with another quotation mark (""like this"").
  • Always start the data content with the character \uFEFF if you want your exported file to display unicode content properly.
  • Delimit rows with CRLFs ('\r\n').