Any body interested in doing webprojects?

If Anybody intersted in doing Projects with me please leave a message(web development)
Hey iam learning React and Django rest framework,
So i thought doing projects is a really good way to learn something,
so if anybody is intersted to join please leave a message

This is a learning project
So those who are learning Django or React can get benifits

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I am still learning (working through JS course and finishing my first five projects).

I have reatively good understanding of html and css along with bootstrap theme building, can properly use git and have experience with art and design. So I can probably help with html, css as well as graphics/illustrations if you need that. :slight_smile:


Yes,of course,
I have seen your some projects in code pen ,
really cool…

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Sure! I would love to join! I am not that good at css flexbox of grid, but can do basic css. I can do most html stuff and quite a bit of jquery (especially animations and event listeners). I know bootstrap as well. Do all the people that join make a collab project together?

Hey thanks for the replay,
I am just a newbie for web development,
So i want someone who make either front end or backend stuffs,
i would do rest.
If you are really interested then you are welcome,
you can do some styling,animation e.t.c
Lets make this together

Alright. Just tell me what we are doing and give me the code you already did, and tell me what you want, and I’ll try and work with you.

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I have done few small projects
I want someone to work with me in front end i.e React and backend i.e Django-rest
If i get someone we will start project soon,and i will mesaage you

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Okay! sounds good to me!

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