Community Project

Hey everyone I am curious if anyone was interested in creating a community project?

I was thinking something like an interactive tool/resource for new coders I was interested in building something that almost everyone can utilize, contribute to and update

I would really like to know what people think about this and if there are any experiences we can offer to coders :slight_smile:

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I feel this is a fantastic idea to interact and elaborate with the community, I would be interested in this program as I’m preparing to grasp knowledge relating to computer science/programming so when I head off into college/university I’m not completely lost. Further, is there a specific language we coders will need to open up to? (HTML5, Java, C, C#, C++, etc)
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

What would you like to build? Is there a theme?

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I was thinking html,css,dom, and javascript

Basically a tool, resource, dashboard anything that coders can interact with and offer an experience that makes coding easier

There’s already sites like CodePen and JSFiddle, where you can put HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly into a browser and see results.

How can we make this project different?

If you are interested - you can contribute to the github hopefully people are interested :slight_smile:

I’m still a beginner revolving around coding, I don’t think I’d be a great asset to your project, if beginners are welcome to tag along and learn the foundations behind these projects then I’d love to learn and contribute as much as I can.

i was thinking abt php too

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I cant say I know much either, but I would like to join a community project myself, its why i joined the forum LOL but if more people are interested maybe we can share ideas and see how we can pitch in!