Any career advice for 24 yr old non-coder?

I turned 24 today and my 2021 goal is to switch my career to coding (Data Science) but I have zero prior coding experience. I have quit my job because I was not liking the kind of work I was doing and was always fascinated to learn python but never had the courage.

I have taken the #100 Days coding challenge with python and have been following it for 7 days now, but I feel something is missing. I am able to understand python syntax, lists, tups, dictionaries, and other functions but I don’t know where to go ahead. watch video tutorials or just keep practicing coding, also I am unable to think about the structure of a program before coding it. I want to develop a coding problem-solving mindset

Help, anyone?

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My advice would be to start building projects away from video tutorial projects. You will learn more by building something on your own and grow more as a programmer.

Also if you want to practice more coding challenges you can visit sites like leetcode and codewars.


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Build projects. Building means doing the hard parts (planning, thinking etc.) on your own, not copying it from other people (= tutorials).

If you don’t know how to plan a software project, search for plan software project on amazon. Go to goodreads to get a brief summary of the book to see if this is what you want. Then buy the best book and learn the fundamentals.

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Advice taken @jwilkins.oboe!
I will start my journey again building projects from these sites.

Also, thank you so much for your wish.

Thank you for the advice @miku86
I Will definitely start working by building tutorials and a special thank you for recommending the “plan software project.”