Any improvement?

Hello fellows, peace to you all. This is actually my first time of writing something here. So, correct me if I’m going against the rule.
My problem is that, I have a tech blog, but I’m not getting enough visitors. Also, I don’t know which country to target in international targeting of Google Search console.

I’m asking if you can help me check if there is important improvement I need to make in the website. The URL is:

Thank you very much.

Your blog seems fine, but it’s very young!

Traffic won’t just magically appear, you really have to keep up good consistent posts.

All of the SEO targeting wizardry is nothing compared to a good long tail of solid, useful posts.

Think about what people might search for and write posts that both ask and usefully answer that question. If you have ever had a problem in tech and struggled to find an answer, answer that question! You won’t be the only one that has asked it.

Aside from that, you might want to checkout the ProBlogger blog, podcast and wider community. Some of their growth-hacking tactics are a little tacky for my liking, but they will give you plenty of ideas :slight_smile:

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