Any new coders?

Just starting out. I’ve just completed the cat photo app. Suppose I am just looking for similar people out there to follow on the same journey… .

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Hello, I just started today and finished the cat photo app. I noticed you posted this 1 day ago, how many more lessons have you completed?

Thanks for that. I will check this out.

Hi Jonathan. I am approx 75% through the cafe menu. Which is the next lesson. How about you? How are you finding it so far? Are you planning to do all the courses for each language in order?

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Yeah, new coder this side I had learnt Java in my earlier school days but now relearning web development fullstack in order to make a switch.
So I guess we are on the same journey here… :slight_smile:

Also I am done with Cat App and Cafe Menu
In the midway of Color markers


Nice! Also just done with the cafe menu this morning :smiley:

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I just finished the cafe menu project. Think I’ll try them all, I mean why not right? What are your goals?

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Nice work! Goal wise, I’m just going to go through them all and see what I gravitate towards. How about you?

This is satyam i am also starting out with freecodecamp although i am not newbie.

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