Advice for new developer

How did you get started with web development?

I started with freeCodeCamp back in 2020 and went through the certifications and built projects on the side :+1:

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That’s dope I just have 2 last questions
do you have any advice for someone like me who’s just starting out?

Lastly Does the freecodecamp have a discord?

I went ahead and created a new thread for you so others can chime in too with advice

here are a few pieces of advice

Take your time learning. rushing through it doesn’t serve any benefit and will create holes in your learning.

Ask questions when you get stuck and learn to research through documentation and google for answers.

join a community and build connections within the industry. You will learn a lot from your peers.

build lots of projects.
start off small and just focus on building projects to test your skills and grow.
most of your early projects will be just for learning but that’s ok. building projects on your own is where you will grow and learn the most.

Thanks for the advice :+1:

… and above all, practice, practice, practice…

Programming simple things, you will learn.
Later on, start programming more complex things.

Make a mistake and try to solve the problem yourself. And if you can’t, ask. Don’t be afraid if it’s a simple question. We are all here to learn and help.

Have a nice day. Grets.

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