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Is there a advisor at freecodecamp whom I can speak to?
I am interested in completing a free certification with you, but I do not know which one might be a good one for me.

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HI @Yashodara87 !
Welcome to the forum!

If you are interested in learning web development, then start from the very beginning here

You will first learn html and css with the new project based curriculum.
You will build 5 certification projects along the way to test your skills.
Once you complete that course, you can earn a free certification.

Then you will move onto JavaScript

Keep working your way through the courses to build up a starting foundation in web development.

Hope that helps!

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Greetings @jwilkins.oboe ,

Thank you for your reply. Web Development sounds good to me. I am an individual with no IT background. To clarify, is “Learn to Code” the most basic course I can start with?

Thank you!

Yes, the first link I posted is where you start.
That is the html and css course

Hello, I have a question for you. I am currently taking the JavaScript course. Is there a way to re-start from the course where I left of rather than starting it all over again? I answered the first five questions and paused the course expecting to get back to it later, but my answers were not saved.

Thank you!

If you remember your place in the curriculum then it is find to start from there.

Challenges don’t count towards the certificate only projects do.

Hope that helps!

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