Getting started 123

Hello there !
I’m new here ; to be honest I get confused about using the web site
so I really want to learn coding
if possible tell me how I can get started
and tanks

Hi @Mariem127 !

Welcome to the forum!

What are you confused about?

how to use it ?
and the courses ?

Ok cool.

freeCodeCamp teaches web development.

You can get started with the first course on HTML and CSS.

Go through all of the challenges and then complete the 5 proejcts at the end.
Once you complete that course you will receive a free certificate.

Then you can move onto the next course which is javascript.

If you need help with the challenges, then you can come to the forum and we can assist you.

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should I learn first from their youtube channel (I mean the full course )? then start the challenges ?

The link I provided is the full course.

The videos are just walk throughs of the challenges and main concepts covered.

I would first go through the challenges.
Then if you need extra help you can try the videos.

It is best you try and first solve the challenges on your own before seeking help.
Problem solving is an important part of being a developer. :grinning:

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