New to coding I would like to start from beginner to full experience

hi everyone new to coding how do I get started on coding meaning which classes should start with? I want to learn full stack

With freeCodeCamp you can start at the beginning and learn the MERN full stack

welcome to the coding world.

I would suggest start with FCC courses right from HTML, CSS, JS, React, Node to become full stack developer.

One important tip from my learning experiences is at each state take big break and build minimum 10 projects before moving further.

e.g. Learn HTML, CSS → Build Projects
Learn JS → Build Projects…

If possible find a team during learning / project building phase; with whom you can learn, that will be best thing to do.

All the very best in your journey


Thank you for this.

I am just starting out on coding myself, and this would be a very useful tip for me.

Please, any suggestions on how to possibly find a team during the learning phase?

That’s really hard part for me as well.

What I did was; joined as many discord channels of influential youtubers and tried to find people who are in same boat like me.

It would be nice if FCC creates a discord channel or section where people can join teams to achieve similar goals.

@QuincyLarson kindly review

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Thanks a lot vikramvi.

One more thing pls, any links to channels you’re in? i would like to join and network with like minds.

All the best man.

Sure - we do have a Discord community.



  2. Blue Collar Coder

  3. Web Dev Simplified

  4. JavaScript Mastery

  5. The Poppers Family

  6. Cognitive Surge

  7. Codedamn Community

  8. Kevin Powel Community

  9. Learn Build Teach

  10. web dev and web design

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I appreciate this. Thanks man

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do check out for some motivation and inspiration.

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good luck, man
I hope you figured everything out

i appreciate sir , thanks

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