Any recommendations for the best cloud hosting providers?

I need a managed cloud hosting to start my website. I need suggestions to choose the best for starting a business website. I need a cloud hosting services that is reliable and support 24 hours. Anyone experienced any of the cloud hosting do let me know the best I go for or any other hosting providers?

  1. Cloud web hosting

  2. Host gator

1and1 web hosting and Digital Ocean
Are the ones I know.

i recommend using Amazon s3

they have a free tier for the first year, it’s better than the previous mentions since all the other ones require you to pay upfront to try.

quoted from link

    • Dont you have to pay for the traffic going in and out of the S3 ?
      there has to be a catch somewhere.
    • What happens if the traffic is more than 5GB ?
    • Also what happens and how much will you get charged after the free time is up ?
    • What are the requirements to set up a complete website using HTML, CSS and Java, along with audio, pictures & video files thats needed for the website or websites.??
    • If a person wants to do a large portfolio website and has sub-domains to the main website domain
      so showcase their multitude of designs within the website portfolio, what happens then ?
      and how is that calculated in AWS ?

I had a friend that tried setting up her website as a UX/UI designer small site only to be stuck with a $400+ bill at the end of the month.
There has to be a catch somewhere and the reason why I have been very skeptical and hesitant of using AWS as a web hosting service myself as well…


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i think you’re using a really specific situation for this argument. I just suggested something as an alternative. the s3 user would have to do some due diligence to avoid those issues. or you know, they can call Amazon and ask. sorry to hear that about your friend. but there was probably something that was not accounted for.

like for example: if you’re going to host videos and audio files, you should probably estimate how much mb or gb each get request totals up to each time. aws services are meant to scale. so it really depends on your use case.

Have you actually used and experienced AWS or is it just a open recommendation. ?
im just curious :slight_smile:

Those sites I previously mentioned, I have actually used & had personal experience for years.
And thank you :slight_smile:

i haven’t used a lot of AWS. but that doesnt matter. OP was looking for very general info. the only information from OP given was 1) website 2) business 3) starting out 4) relaible 5) 24 hour support. that was it.
specific use cases were not mentioned. i’m glad you mentioned the warning about the potential sky rocketing of the price, but all i did was reply from what I read.

Its all goods, its all good :smiley:

and yes, you have to be very careful with AWS. because things that might sound too good might have a black string attached to it.
Most people dont know about the lambda, zones, efs, RDS database, eld and 53 and everything else involved to be able to access
the S3 and it adds up, then the sneaky part of traffic data that will cost you.
And Amazon wont tell you if you go over if the layout is over-scaled and at the end of the month WAM.!
you’re smacked with a huge bill that once a person thought was much smaller in cost.
Companies love to do that, they will give you the lowest price of their items but will deter you from the fine print.
until its too late. This is why most companies that host their company on AWS when looking for people to hire for their company
always are looking for people to save them money. because of how AWS tactics work.
You have to tippy toe carefully in AWS by what I have seen. or you will pay for it dearly in the end.


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good to know man! yea at my school we worked on building a benchmarking program. i realized I could potentially use it to DOS and mess up someone’s AWS cost. hopefully everyone is nice and users of services such as AWS adds in something that accounts for multiple GET requests and etc

Most people should just stick with regular shared hosting sites.
As you only pay between $3.99 to $9.99 a month with unlimited data traffic with around 1-TB storage “more or less”
and you can create sub-domains on the main domain and not have to pay extra for those sub-domains.
some companies limit sub-domains to 25 and some to 50, depends on your tier plan.

All in all, it will cost far cheaper than AWS in the end for the average person like designers, front end developers and project coders trying to host their portfolios.
Let large actually real companies host on AWS, they can afford some mistakes and huge bill hits, because
normal public can not.


oh gotcha! i guess i was only looking at it from a free vs paid perspective before. but you’re right, inexperienced AWS users will get destroyed.

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