Any suggestions for Node JS books?

Hey all. I was wondering if anyone can recommend books on Node JS, specifically books that are more current. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I haven’t read many books on node specifically. But I did get to know a lot from (Video Course by Wes Bos). I am sorry for not suggesting a book. But thought this info could help.


What you want to do is sign up here : for free and read those books and follow along.

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You know what there is a website called sitepoint and here is the link

They have a lot of books on programming (all of which are ebooks if there is anything worth looking at it is on there -not just for node.js there are all types of other things and books on there it awesome.The best part is it is all on programming so you won’t get some random stuff if you subscribe so give it a try just be careful not everything on there is free.

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Since you want to learn Node js, I am assuming you are thorough with javascript.
In my experience, books are outdated. I personally prefer the interactive type of learning since there is a chance to clear your doubts then and there.
When I was learning node js, I know how much I struggled to clear doubts on a few lessons. I had to flip throughout the book to find a few answers hidden here and there.
There are plenty of cheap online courses which will give you the additional benefit of certification. Try those out

I liked: Node 8 The Right Way