Node.js guidance

. I prefer understanding the things from scratch, before starting to use any libraries

. but i really can’t do that with node.js because almost all the tutorials just teach the libraries, and some basic things

. i prefer learning by doing so i wanna start to learn how to make the backend
in real projects with different levels

. so will i found here who will support me to do that without libraries,
i’ll search for what i want before i ask any question but i just will need the guidance

I honestly have not seen much stuff in Node that doesn’t use some sort of library.

There are some books on Node, so maybe they would help bore down into the basic features.

Another idea is to go through tutorials that do use some simple libraries, and then you can research what those libraries are doing and refactor or just closely examine how they use basic Node functions.

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could you mention me those books because i searched but i couldn’ t find what i want

I haven’t read them, but these books keep popping up in recommended lists. Perhaps read their descriptions to see if they meet your needs?

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