Any tips you can share when looking for a job?

So I have been dwelling in the arts of web development for just about a year now.
(I am initially an accountant but I hate this dull job that sucks the very life out of me)

I don’t have any certificate in the related field but I have managed to create some live websites for 3 different companies.
I haven’t yet worked on my portfolio, I would like some tips from other fellow developers in trying to land my first ever web dev job

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The factors that are relevant to everyone in their job search are different, depending largely on the local job market for them.

Generally speaking I’d say you want to get a good idea of what tech stacks are likely to be highly valued in your region and build a portfolio that demonstrates competence in them.

Aside from that, spend some time reading the many, many success stories in this forum category. You won’t find that everybody has the same steps that led to a job, but the common factors seem to be tenacity, persistence, and determination.

Good luck on your job hunt!

As someone that quit a career I wasn’t enjoying anymore to become a developer, I can affirm that it was definitely worth the immense effort to land the job.


Thanks mate
I also look forward in the developer industry :slight_smile:
I feel that my creative and artistic skills will come in handy as well

It’s a numbers game.
The more you put out there, the better your chances.
Doesn’t matter how many No’s you get.
It just takes (1) yes from a company willing to take a chance on you.