Anybody having trouble sleeping since starting?

It’s 2:30 am here and I can’t sleep…It’s been like that ever since I started FCC…obviously moderators are welcome to delete this uninteresting post - I can’t say I’m thinking clearly. FCC is ruining my life ! :dizzy_face:


I know what you’re going through! I’m always thinking about coding. What ever I learned that day or thinking about projects, my mind is always thinking about that stuff. So that’s why I’m usually in bed by like 3am lol.

But thank god there are After noon power naps ! :sleeping::sleeping:


Is that where the myth (that I just made up) that all programmers are vampires masquerading as night owls comes from? :confused:

Well I’m with you on that train! A nap in the evening makes it easier to stay up till 3 or 4 am :smile:


I wish…vampires don’t feed off cold pizza…aaargh I think I’d better get up and simply go for no sleep at all, otherwise I’ll never manage to get up on time.


You need some death wish coffee. World’s strongest coffee. It’ll make you stay up for days lol. :coffee::coffee::coffee:


They really should start as cold pizza is the 2nd best kind! I wish you luck in getting through the day!!
And that coffee looks dangerous… I should get me some :thinking:


I just signed up last week, I have a pretty flexible schedule, but getting started here has made me not motivated to do anything else lol, and I have been eating more than usual amounts of cold pizza :smile:


I can’t sleep either. I get tired but when I get to bed my brain doesn’t slow down.

I keep thinking about whatever I learned that day.

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Right ?? And when your laptop decides to go for one of its updates, you’re like “great, now I can have a shower”!!

Yep. And people think you’re being creepy but no, not at all. You’re just thinking that a preprocessor should have compiled their CSS because really, they look a bit off…

This is apparently a big thing for people that self study anything with ‘problems’ (think maths engineering… or learning to code) where even when you do sleep your brain is still trying to learn and figure stuff out on its own


I had never heard of it but it’s exactly what’s going on ! I keep thinking and trying to figure out things…thanks for the info :slight_smile:
… they don’t say how to put the bugger to sleep though…

I’ve probably already recommended Erik Trautman’s Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard somewhere in this forum. You’re probably in the “desert of despair” atm. The good news is: Others have been through all this agony, too (even @QuincyLarson!). It does not mean that any of us is too damn stupid or otherwise unfit for the challenge.

As a more practical bit of advice, I often browse through Free Code Camps Medium publication and pick one of the texts that do not have to do with coding itself when I feel I need a break. Or I read an article from my favorite online newspaper or watch TV. In other words, I suggest you find some way to get your mind off that coding thing that works for you. I’ve often found that solutions to difficult problems occur to me when I’m taking a shower or doing something totally unrelated to the problem.

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Too much screen time is definitely bad one’s health. I sleep okay, but I get headaches and eyestrain from so much time studying and coding.

There’s a little windows plugin called f.lux which adjusts the tone of your screen as the day progresses and is supposed to make working with a computer less disruptive to your body clock. But the best rule is: turn off by 10.00 and do something totally different to unwind - music is good. Give your other senses a chance!

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@janschreiber @arw2015 Im not in the desert of despair yet, I’m still in my honeymoon :grinning:

As for turning things off by 10 pm…there is simply no way, I already feel I have too little time as it is! But yes, I guess it’s not ideal…

I swear I’ve read this way back, long before I joined FCC, and I’m quite surprised to see that @QuincyLarson’s name is the first thing you’ll see in the article (aside from the title). Back when I first read this I probably didn’t give a damn :sweat_smile:


I just wanted to add that electronic light affects our sleep cycles during times when it is supposed to be dark outside. I use an app called Iris. It’s better than flux. It will save your eyes and you will be less fatigued! Your brain has to process the flickering of lights in addition to what you are learning (you cannot see the flickering with your naked eye, but it is there, even on apps like flux). I notice the difference, most definitely. It is free if you use it 4 hours per day, otherwise there is a fee if you want access to it all of the time.

When I was young my vision was perfect, but as a programmer I was sitting for more than 10 hours per day in front of computer. Not short after that I started to experience huge eye pain and strain. I even got glasses for the first time in my life. It was time for a change. I started to search the internet for programs for eye protection and started to read every single article for eye and vision health. After I didn’t find anything good enough out there I decided to create my own software for eye protection, health and productivity. Iris is the product of this decision.

Light Hacking Article: Light Hacking

Light Hacking Podcast: Podcast

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thank you, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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It’s 3 am where i live…I myself have started recently FCC and I am in same situation…It’s that part of my life where i guess staying up till 6 am is possible but to wake up at 6 in the morning is impossible.

Thanks a lot… I myself spend around 8+ hrs. in front of computer.I tried iris and as a user of flux i think it’s better.