Anybody tried out Yoga?

Hi guys.

In the middle of my journey back when FCC was starting (remember when FCC wasn’t a platform on itself but a place where you’d find free resources? Pepperidge Farm remembers.), I found myself with a horrible back injury due to all the slouching I was experiencing from coding long hours.
my gf at the time suggested me a yoga class. WHAT AN AMAZING experience. My back got stronger and straight, and all my joint pains went away.
unfortunately not all the time I could afford a yoga class, they are expensive! So that led me to Youtube, and found two amazing teachers there.

yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Tim

both of these are awesome, and helped me stick to a practice, which led me to a super calm state of mind, and it ramped up my learning process.

Are you doing yoga?

do you have a recommendation to do Yoga?

What kind of Yoga you recommend?

What are the benefits you reaped after practice?

Happy coding!!


At my last job there was an on-site fitness center with yoga twice a week. Man do I miss that! I haven’t really done much since leaving there this summer, although I want to. Between the fad for making yoga studios hot as balls and trying to find a class that isn’t during the work day, I’ve struggled to find something that works.

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I so damn agree on the hot yoga stupid fad,
hated it so much. and I found about Yoga with Adriene, and it’s a godsend!
I loved her pace, and the variety of her practice.
Have you tried it with her?
or with Tim… granted, he’s good, but in the comments all you see is drooling horny chicks who just keep telling him how hot he is.

I never really enjoy doing exercises to a video. For one thing, it’s really easy to end up injuring yourself by having bad form. I also tend to be bad at never getting around to things if there isn’t some schedule set by someone else.

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Yup, I was really surprised when they started uploading their own content, was a great feeling!

No, but I have before. I have to say that lifting weights is much more beneficial for me, especially after a few back or leg workouts. I’ve noticed that lifting also gives you that clarity of mind, ten-fold; it’s like meditating with your body and mind.

So, I can’t speak from too much experience, but the benefits, I think, are the same as any type of workout system. Just spending a little amount of time on it will make you happy, it’s an accomplishment! Of course, clarity of mind, and strength/balance of body will also reveal itself as a benefit. Not only that, but you’ll also become more energetic, able to withstand and persevere other areas of your life, as it builds your discipline.

Another thing I occasionally practice is Tai Chi, which is similar to yoga. I don’t have a solid recommendation for this, but I’m sure you can find something on YouTube. It doesn’t require crazy amounts of stretching, but rather a movement of the body, so I think chance of injury is really low. Also, you can never go wrong with meditation.

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wow… weightlifting…
have to try that out…
probably all that strenuous activity helps your mind let go of everything you cling…
yeah… makes sense…
do u have any program you’d recommend?

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Start with body-weight exercises. Not only can you actually accomplish a lot with them, but weightlifting is a good way to injure yourself and more weigh = worse injury. If you can afford it, I would highly recommend just a single session with a professional trainer to get trained on the proper way to do some beginner exercises and a good training plan.

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@ArielLeslie offered some good advice. Body-weight, especially for beginners is great. But, it’s pretty boring, IMO. If you can get to a gym, you can focus on the machines, as they don’t require any special form, they lock your body in place for you, greatly minimizing the risk of injury.

However, if you stick to weight that isn’t too heavy for you, and practice your form, you shouldn’t injure yourself. Most of the injuries I’ve seen are from people that are trying to lift an excessive amount of weight. It’ll be their first day, they’ll load up the bar on the chest-press, and get stuck underneath it, haha. Also, those are the most common areas of injury: the chest-press, or squat rack. You don’t need to use them at all.

When you learn how to code, you start with variables and if statements, you don’t try to build an entire application. Likewise with lifting, you start with your form, get a feel for the weights, etc.

I would hold off on a trainer and see what your options are first. I’ve never used one, and I’ve been sponsored by a supplement company. But I have an older brother who’s been doing this for years, he basically trained me. i recommend to look for a friend or family member first. If not, a lot of gyms offer free 1-day training sessions. And again, if that’s not possible, and you can’t get a trainer, focus on videos. It’s not difficult to get proper form down for most exercises.

I started watching this guy about 10 years ago:

Scooby places a major emphasis on injury prevention, home-workouts, proper eating, and he’s no-bullshit(he’s not going to tell you to take 50 different supplements, or any supplements at all). I recommend you to start here as well. He also has a website:

Ok, I’m passionate about this, sorry for rambling. :stuck_out_tongue: But, just remember, you don’t need to strive for a bodybuilder physique. Just focus on the movements, and improving yourself. The high feeling you get after a workout is pure tranquility, nothing beats it. :slight_smile:

I’ve never been in to stretchy-lifty exercise.

Running is my jam!

Does walking to the refrigerator count?


No and yes!

Presently I’m not doing yoga. I did do a yoga class many years ago. I didn’t find there were many benefits from that class, so I didn’t continue.

However, in a week’s time, I’ll be starting a web development bootcamp. One of the things we’re required to participate in as part of the bootcamp is two hours of yoga per week. It will be interesting to see what benefits will accrue as a result.

I’m recovering from a very bad injury and starting 30 days of yoga with Adrienne tomorrow! I really enjoy doing yoga because it feels like meditating but it’s more fun (and you can get fit while doing it! :slight_smile: ). When I practiced yoga for almost every day I felt in general more relaxed and had more positive attitude towards life ( it also helped me sleeping better). I could focus more easily and accomplish more in less time. It really boosted my productivity, but most of all made me feel good :blush:

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i-m sure you will enjoy clarity and a much better mood.
enjoy the heck outta the class and remember to make the practice your own - meaning, if you feel like you need to elongate or stretch one posture deeper, go ahead, and if you need to dial back on a particular posture, by all means! listen to the body, enjoy and let us know how the bootcamp experience goes!

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I am trying to get back into yoga and coding so I am doing them together. I practice ashtanga yoga, kettlebells, weightlifting, olympic lifting. I had almost the entire month of December off of any exercise so tonight was my first time back in the gym and on my laptop for coding.


Two months ago I started “Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga”, so I am a newbie. However, I’m really happy about it, I’ve found myself getting fitter much easily and my back is much relaxed now, although I keep sitting in bad positions.
I would be careful with taking yoga classes from video, I think it’s a great idea, but I reckon some positions need supervision as it’s quite easy to get bad habits, even more if you are just starting (as I am). Also I agree it’s a great activity for the brain. I would say most sports and workout are, they help focusing, being healthier and feeling happier, which is great if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer.


I have done Yoga for three months and I highly recommend, mainly at night before sleep. It gives you a so good relaxed sensation that it becomes much easier to fall asleep. I have been sleeping less time than before I started with Yoga and I wake up feeling much better.

If you never did any kind of meditation, give it a try! It is completely worth it.

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I have recently started Gym and ended up with Dizziness from last three days as much . Is there anything that, I can get rid of easily.

Yep, a few years ago I was doing it 3 times a week for about 4 months - I felt amazing! Couldn’t stick to the schedule though. I just workout on my own in general - not tied to a classes schedule. Cardio, weights and lots of stretching. Keep your body going - use it or lose it.

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Been practicing yoga for 18 years and studied with teachers in LA and SF…Been doing Yoga With Adrienne for two years and recently signed up for a subscription. It’s great!


I love yoga!

I’ve been out of shape for a few months though and gotten too ‘heady’ so I started this week with Yoga with Adrienne, already mentioned above by @nicandromts and @melissaintrees.

There’s a 30 day New Year playlist developing; today is day 2, and it starts off light, which is what I was looking for as I get back into better health.