Anyone here on devRant?

I just got an account and it didn’t take long for me to find the subject of my first rant. I figure most people on this site could probably empathize…

Anyone else sick of all the whining about college on here? It’s a CS degree. They are going to teach you science. Not to mention that Stack Overflow did a survey in 2015 and found that nearly half the developers didn’t have degrees. If you’re so much smarter than your professors then you should have no problem finding a job. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to not have to pay for school; you should just be thankful that you’re a step up in going for management positions and shut up. On the other hand, if you’re paying (going into debt) for school; then maybe you should take a step off the safe and well-trodden path and put a little faith in yourself. There is an abundance of free training online. I thought devs were supposed to be free-spirited rebels. Didn’t any of you see ‘Hackers’?

It’s crazy the number of people complaining about that on there. I would be super stoked if I was on track for a CS degree. They act like they’re being oppressed. Just be grateful you’re on track for a really good career!

I never even knew about devRant. I just checked it out, seems like a really cool spot for devs. And I saw this -
" When an hiring manager wants 5+ years experience in Swift
Swift release date = June 2, 2014" ROTFL :laughing:

and another one
"My gf dumped me when she found out I named a class after her, she felt I was treating her like an object" LMAO

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Yeah there are some pretty funny posts on there. I feel like it’s a good spot to go hangout if you need a break from your code.

Haha the second one is funny

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