Anyone interested in a pixel art in the browser JS project?


I have a personal website on which I create stories illutrated using HTML and CSS. I have recently discovered a way to create very nice illustrations using CSS and HTML only. See an example here :

The way I do it is I download free tiles for video games, upload them to that converts them to CSS . I then play with the HTML to display them in a nice way. For now I do it manually but it is very slow.

I think creating a nice UI to so that the final image can be built in the browser could be a cool project. I have looked into doing it myself but I don’t have much free time and my Javascript is very basic.

Would anyone be interested in doing it ? You’ll be sure to have at least one user/promoter :slight_smile:

So what do you want to do? A game or a background?

Backgrounds to illustrate my stories.

What I have in mind is an app or a github page with a lof of JS that would :

  • allow the user to import the CSS tiles output by pixelartcss
  • place them on a canvas
  • allow the user to copy paste the resulting HTML code in their own website

Some UI similar to pixelartcss but where you can select CSS tiles instead of colors.

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In case you are interested, someone from an other forum made exactly what I wanted : Pixel World Editor

You might want to use these tiles to play with the tool : at master · DrDru/ · GitHub

The tiles are published here under an MIT license on itch (dot) io by Bakudas.

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