Responsive Pixel Art Editor - Feedback please!

Hello everyone! I made a pixel art editor that you can use for game development, graphic design, and more. You can find the details and instructions here and also, you can find the live site here.

If you are working in P5.js or Processing.js, you can print out the code for that and you can also get the raw bitmap. Also, you can download a png file containing the pixel art image.

I hope you enjoy using this. Any and all feedback will be appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Happy Coding!

This is really fun to me. I like to quilt so I was doing some little quilting designs on it.
This User’s Suggestions:

  • I would like to have a ‘history’ of some sort because I had trouble remembering which shades of green I was using. Maybe the colors I’ve used can have an added border or the element can transition up?
  • I’d also prefer the grid to be centered, but that’s just me. I increased the pixel size to make it a little less offset.
  • Could there be a way to select a color, but then select a different shade of that color? Like maybe your palette has rgb(218, 116, 34) but I want to use rgb(225, 135, 61).

My downloaded image was not what I created so that was a bit strange.
EDIT: My first design didn’t download correctly but the second design did. The second one was more complicated but I don’t know that would make a difference.
Overall I think you made a fun project that, like you said, multiple types of people can use!

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Okay, I’ll try to do some debugging on it. I’ll see if I can fix the downloading process.

I don’t know why the downloading process wasn’t working for you. I tried a ton of different possibilities and nothing seemed to be going wrong. I won’t add any more colors as there is already a selection of over a hundred of them.

One of my friends recommended that I add a circular brush & a rectangular brush. I added those for easier drawing.