I was inspired.. and so I created a 2.5D Pixel art creator


So I was participating in a game jam with my neibors when they showed me this picture.

Whoa! I thought… That looks awesome! I let it sit in my mind for multiple days… finally…

I decided to create an pixel art program that could create 2.5d art.

This effect is done by first having the user draw the picture in 2D seperated by layers.

layer one: hair outline.
layer two: neck
layer three: face base
layer four: eyes

The program then loops through these layers and takes a picture of everyone of them.
I could have edited each individual pixel but doing so results in massive slowdowns.
Better to just take a few screenshots and save in memory.

So after this, I get the offset of the mouse position from the center and move the processed layer away or towards the mouse depending on the strength that particular layer has.

Speaking of layer strength… The 3D effect will not work on its own, the user has to specify how exactly they want the layer to react.

layer one: 1.3 rotation strength (1 being default), and -2 offset force

All of this comes together to create a pretty believable picture.
Here is a gif of my attempt of trying to recreate the inspiration.

As you can see it doesnt do too well when bottom center or top center. Otherwise it looks pretty nice right?
how about one with a bit less of a weird speed up at the end. Lets also get more in depth with the layers.
still a speedup, cant avoid end speedup it seems

There, made sure to split the layers up that time so you can see the effect when exaggerated a bit(lot).

Also showed off how big the save files are LOL. Sorry for the massive speed up at the end, had no control over that.

and this is what it looks like stationary.

If you wanna try your hand at it: https://alike-find.glitch.me/ (pm me if you have questions on controls. Not UI friendly AT ALL)

otherwise if you just wanna see the code: https://github.com/AveryLucas/2.5D-pixel-art-creator

happy coding! So aside from the kickass project. It goes without saying that, If you feel inspired by soemthing, dont be afraid to write a few lines of code! :slight_smile:
or hundreds in my case

The coolest thing about being a developer is that given enough time, you can create anything you want to create. :+1:
oops titled that wrong, fixed


I think your pixel art look really good. They have a lot of character to them.

Some of my favorite art is pixel art, and some of the art people do in low-res pixel format blows me away. Personally I use Aseprite for pixel art. I also use a very affordable XP-Pen Artist 12 pro Display drawing tablet for some painting and sketching .