Anyone interested in pair programming? open for ideas

Anyone interested in pair programming? open for ideas.

Hey, I’ve considered posting something similar, do you know git ?

I’m planning on finishing up the FCC projects first, but if i find someone whos down to work on some projects together I’ll probably split my coding time between both. Here’s some idea’s for projects that I’m thinking about doing.

Windows Calculator Clone - This one’s pretty simple, just extending on a couple of the the FCC projects really. its got currency, so it would need to use an API for that, but other than that it’s just some basic converters.

Graph builder - Probably similar functionality to some of the excel graphs that you can make, take custom data from a form and/or file and use the data to create some sort of graph. multiple graph types and what not.

Mini Arcade Site - build a site that hosts some mini games that i also built and have a leaderboard api that gets updated if you beat your highscore. it can also have some multiplayer games like chess and poker, connect with other players on the site and vs eachother real time and the leaderboard can track wins for those games.

Probably have a few more, but can’t be bothered typing more. What are you into?

im more into the front end side of things…but u mean u built the games already for the Mini Arcade Site? i think the Graph builder it would be a good place to start maybe. U mean people can customize the charts (colours, shapes,etc) and preview their input data?someething like that?

yes im fine with git. you know any backend?

I haven’t built the games for the site already, i’ve built a few pretty basic ones like snake and 2048, but i’m not sure if i would still have them, I could probably find them if i needed to. Yeah I like back end, My main focus is all things MERN stack, my biggest weakness is probably web design, I’m fine with controlling where everything goes and styling elements and what not, I’m just sort of lacking when it comes to actually making a site look all pretty and professional.

sounds good, i sent u a message btw. im the other way round so probably we could fit nicely as a team.