Anyone lost their codes in FCC Map?

Hi there,

Is it just me or anyone else also lost their codes in FCC Map ? The progress still show the latest but somehow all last codes are dissapear.

Just recently happen around 30 minutes ago

Your solutions should be on your FCC profile page.

I check my profile but I lost all the solutions made from 22-08-2016 ?

I just start Basic Algorithm Scripting and already finished up to Confirm the Ending task but somehow, all my solutions are lost within Basic Algorithm Scripting.

I visited your profile and saw that you have solutions algorithms until Confirm the Ending. There are also a lot of solutions marked “Aug 22, 2016” at the very bottom.

I got confused, previously I am able to click Map and see my previous solutions from challenges pages, but somehow I’m not able to do that anymore, all solutions are gone except when I go to my profile page.

I will restart my browser, may be just a glitch.

Thanks Kev

Thank-you, this was driving me nuts!

this happened to me today. Started working through Algorithms Challenges and now my map is empty, showing nothing previously completed.