Despite all your answers, I can’t see my previous completed profile solutions

I can’t see my completed profile solutions, both on challenge page and personal page.

I’ve been out for a while, and came back to login on FCC. I tried the old standard Github login, unsuccessfully.

I tried the new method by providing my email and receiving the code in my account. I logged in, but I can’t see any previous completed solutions. So, I made a simple test: I solved again a simple challenge. I went again just to see the solution that I just have solved: the solution is not available after complete the challenge.

Could you help me, please? Despite all your answers at this forum, it doesn’t works. It’s very frustrating to see all your effort lost. Thank you!

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The exact same thing is happening with me.

@QuincyLarson I’m sure you guys have addressed this issue already but dude this is a total killjoy. Are we making any progress at this point? Please let’s do a quick roll back to our old/cozy version of FCC until this is fixed.

It seems to me that this is being worked on, because last week you could click on “View Solution” buttons which led to an error page (with your code in the URL :S). Now these buttons have disappeared.

I would love to be able to see my previous solutions again, it’s useful to check them when faced with something you solved previously.

Thanks to all the people that make FCC possible!! You are fantastic.

It’s very aggravating that no one seems to be responding to these questions. I understand that there is a lot to do in rolling out and administering a site like this, but we all have a huge body of work that we have spent a lot of time and effort on. It’s very demoralizing that you can’t go back and see something that you previously worked hard on, and that you now need to remember how you did it for a new challenge.

Is anyone else thinking about moving to another MOOC? I hate to do it because I really like FCC but having your hard work disappear into the ether is not cool.

Please, admins, at least tell us what the status is on this!


Mystery solved. Let me quote @QuincyLarson some weeks ago explaining the issue:

For the sake of 100% clarity, and to summarize this discussion so far:

  1. we plan to continue storing completed algorithm challenge solutions and the submitted URLs for projects
  2. the rest of the challenges are designed to be as bite-sized as possible (they can usually be completed in less than 2 minutes). Yet the solutions for these challenges are taking up ~75% of the total volume of our database, and making our user records extremely large and our entire platform slow, so we don’t plan to store them any more.

The algorithm challenge solutions can be accessed in your settings page since some days ago (after this fix landed production).

Thank you @Bouncey !

@76tuz I am very sorry that you may have lost some progress you made with freeCodeCamp. I am the one responsible for the bug and also the fix. I hope it didn’t come too late for you.

In an effort to finally get the new curriculum out of the door, with it being 18 months over due, I missed some critical implementation details that may have caused the loss of project solutions within a short time span.

We are working towards a solution where we will be able to store all the solutions again, we still have solutions in a backup we made right before the roll out of the new curriculum. It is our hope to be able to reinstate these solutions also.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused, and I hope to see you around the community in the future.

Happy Coding!

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