Anyone supplementing FCC with other courses?

just got started couple of months ago. wondering if anyone taking other courses along with FCC?

If you’re looking to go beyond FCC and dive deeper into a Computer Science learning track, Open Source Society University is a great resource.

OSSU/Computer Science
Contains a very comprehensive list of online Computer Science courses

Also check out the OSSU organization on GitHub for other valuable resources.



I am also learning from Coursera. I am learning Javascript from FCC and learning frameworks like Angular, Node and Express from here on coursera.
It is a great content. It is all free but if you want certificate then you have to pay for it. They also offer financial aid if you are not able to pay for some reason.

Overall it is a very good course. You will learn so much and you also get to make the project.

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colt steele’s web dev bootcamp on udemy


These days I’ve been using primarily Lynda and SitePoint for most of my learning, along with various printed technical books and e-books, with Udemy on a less-regular basis (I’m currently going through AWS Essentials and Colt Steele’s Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp).

I actually haven’t been actively following the FCC curriculum for at least several months but will probably try to return to it soon so I can grab my Front End certificate. Just been putting it off for too long. :wink:

Command Line Crash Course
Git Tutorial
The Odin Project minus Ruby on Rails
#JavaScript30 by Wes Bos
Preparing for Tech Interviews


Yes! He’s great and explains things so well!

Traversy media on youtube as well as the javascript30 and flexbox courses from Wes Bos are good resources while working through the Free Code Camp material.


I have a bit of a study plan and I’m looking for people to collaborate with and work through some of the material. I’m just starting out in coding so all experience welcome.

I’m interested in learning computer science, software engineering and also web development so completing free code camp will be a long time goal but not the core of the learning material.

As for learning CS and software: SICP is a textbook from the 80s that has been highly recommended. Although its slightly old, it’s still relevant and very challenging. I’ve heard people say that the problem sets have given even experienced programmers new ways of approaching problems. SICP has plenty of resources online to go with the text, including over 20 hours of harvard lectures from the authors themselves.

Now before you get excited… If you are a newbie like me, you may find this course a bit too technical and requires some previous knowledge (not everyone though, just my subjective truth). That’s where I found another textbook that is seen as a warm-up to SICP. Not officially though. There are many seen as this. “Concrete abstractions” requires less technical and math ability to get you off the ground and will get you used to solving problems in the style of SICP.

The full book can be found here:

The programming language for both books is Scheme (lisp family). It’s not really used these days but is seen as a great educational language and tbh, this isn’t about which language, it’s about thinking like a programmer/computer scientist. I’m sure that after tackling the problems in these courses, learning various syntactical differences shouldn’t be too much trouble.

The reason for this post is to not only find people to work with but also to share what I have found so far with the hope that it could be useful to someone in their learning. If anyone has any other suggestions or questions they will be welcomed.

Hi! I am new here but this question was very interesting to me because i am self learning coding here but also learning a bunch of other things which are technical, lucrative and creative at the same time. I am learning Ethical Hacking and find it so curiously satisfying. I was thinking about it since i read an essay by George Reynolds, this wonderful professor of databases and ethics etc. I read up his book called Fundamentals of Information Systems and i also do a database management course on Coursera.

I do not recommend that course unless you are already advanced. I did Colt’s bootcamp and than that. The other instructors are not as good at teaching as Colt is. They confused me so much on the JavaScript side of things and D3. Colt’s bootcamp is good, but that advanced course really needs to be redone.