I've had to put FCC on hold for now!

Hey guys I’ve struggled with JavaScript on FCC for a little while I needed someone to explain it to me I’ve brought a course on udemy now Web developer course 2.0 I hope I can complete that and then return to FCC and complete it. I wish to become a web developer and hope to achieve it through the the completion of FCC

Hi @aaqeebh1, actually if you want you can do both ! I think everyone here does that: doing FCC, then learning content elsewhere, getting back to FCC, getting back out there to learn stuff…

FCC helps you to know “what” to learn and put it in application directly.

I’m pretty sure we’re a bunch of people here doing other courses while doing FCC>


Exactly, for instance I’ve been on and off FreeCodeCamp for more than a year.

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I find it confusing jumping back and forth I’ve actually remembered HTML and CSS quiet well just need more explaining on JavaScript so going to learn that and return I also use Solo learn which I find good for remembering what you’ve learnt on FCC I’m just trying to learn and relearn as much as possible (like revision) so it is implanted in my brain permanently lol

Taking another course is a great idea! I am actually taking about 3 courses on Udemy right now (although I have about 15 or so others saved for later)… Just make sure you come back :smiley:

@IsaacAbrahamson I will do, I like the idea of achieving the certificates and building my self a portfolio :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m currently doing FCC and Udemy Web Dev Bootcamp. I believe the two courses works great together and gives you the feedback you need to complete the tasks. FCC has some complicated algorithms sometimes, but you can always use Google to help you (but not to copy, of course). If you ain’t feeling comfortable with JS yet, I agree you should spend a week or two only in Udemy to clarify some topics, but also try to create the habit to visit StackOverflow and MDN :slight_smile:


@aaqeebh1 I highly recommend Gordon’s Zhu’s Practical Javascript free course! Such a great way to learn the fundamentals of Javascript, all while building a a real world ToDo app. I’ve applied many of the skills learned through this course onto my Free Code Camp projects. Each lecture slide is between 2-10 minutes so doesn’t take much of your day.

I am going to be signing up for his Premium Membership course at the beginning of next year :slight_smile:

Gordon actually went to give a talk about debuggers on one of our FreeCodeCamp meetups which shows how much passion he has in teachings others on how to build software.

Check it out: https://watchandcode.com/p/practical-javascript


Yeah, Gordon Zhu’s Practical JavaScript is probably one of the best free JS resources around and an excellent companion to FCC.

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Doing the same thing all time: I stop here, when I totally don’t get what is going on and go to Udemy (12 saved courses, haha), Coursera, books, Hackerrank. And sometimes even just do a break from code for 1-2 days, it helps me to keep my knowledge in order and then my brain just works better

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Thanks for great resource!

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thanks for the recommendation it helped me loads, i have only completed the free course yet but i will be returning to complete the premium course after i have completed “The complete web developer course 2.0” then after a better understanding of JavaScript and learning how to read code i will return to fcc and aim to complete it and start my career in development :slight_smile:

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