Anyone want to partner for bootcamp

Trying to treat this like a true bootcamp in many ways, as I wish to transition jobs ASAP. Wondering if anyone would like to partner up to keep each other going?

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hi there @enlguy!

can you be more specific?- maybe I’m interested. are you a beginner that wants to start learning? if yes, what do you want to begin with?

I’m interested as well but I too can’t understand what you meant

I’m working through the Responsive Web Design cert right now, just finished the html portion earlier today, and will continue. I do have a decent beginner background in css and python , as well, and have looked over some other things (php, js). I am really hoping to transition to development work soon, so my goal is to push hard on learning this. I know I can be low on motivation, at times, so just thought it would be nice to have someone, even if we’re at different levels, to just check in with each other. Like, ‘Hey, how many hours did you study today,’ ‘Show me a project you’ve completed by the end of this week,’ things like that. I don’t know, I guess someone working towards a similar goal, ideally at a similar level, so we can talk about our accomplishments each day. Ideally, we motivate each other to keep on top the study schedule. That can be discussed, I mean I, like many others, have to balance this with paying work, but I’m just trying to stay productive on the learning front. Seeing how many hours is involved for each cert is like, whoa, this is going to take a while, so I better keep on top of it.

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as for me- i’m now in the middle of HTML projects.
The whole idea sounds nice, working together is better than working by yourself.

BUT, in my opinion do not push too hard on LEARning and advancing. learning is only the base. but without PRACTICING- that what takes the majority of time, it’s not that useful.

how you would like to collaborate? trough what platform


Sounds nice, I would be glad to be in with you

Sweet, guys. @Eldorado82, that’s probably a fair point, but these courses are pretty hands-on. Do you have any thoughts with regards to better ways to put it to practice? I am hoping to develop a portfolio that will work for employment. I have a couple things in there, and a static site on GitHub pages I’ve put together (minus some js I’ll need to add when I get better, because I can’t get one effect I’m trying for). The more stuff I can show that’s hiring-worthy, though, the better.

I created a discord server, sent you invitation in private message. join the dark side :joy:

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Help me dude im beginner guide me at test level 2

well you can post a topic in the curriculum help, here is not a place for this. there you will be answered by the community.

You should be more practicing oriented. Its good you know JS or Python. You need to get adequate with them. Learning is 30%, the rest is building and building again

That’s the great idea I also want exactly the same as you say sometimes we are so motivated but sometimes we distract and regrets, here I have created a room in gitter where we can discuss this sort of things.

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