Looking for a dedicated beginner partner

Hey everyone, the title explains the post, i am looking for someone who is able to spend large amounts of time learning and progressing, i myself have only recently started back but i am spending 8-12 hours a day using this site and others.
I am learning,

If any one is interested let me know so we can chat !
Thanks people.

im also a very dedicated beginner but only learning html now and progressing into a new one after im certified to go along with the course map. im not sure how we can work together to learn these languages but im open to suggestion and willing to spend to the time to learn and practice with u. also willing to start learninig a new launguage at the same time.


Hey, i also love learning to code, spend almost the same hours you mentioned, i am done with the front-end certificate, i just started the backend and hoping the get the full stack certificate in a few months but i also need someone to learn together with and also to keep eachother motivated and build stuffs so if you want if you hit me up

lol im on 94 brownie points from just html so im probably a huge beginner compared to you guys but id really like to maybe work on something w you guys and learn together using u guys to catch me up and put something together for a portforlio?

Great to here, how far are you into the map? iv just got past the 100 mark myself, which has taken around two days.
what are your reasons for learning ?
And im looking for someone to discuss and swap work with, aswell as making ( problematic code ) and then swapping to spot the partners errors. I have found this to be a good way to learn to just read whats in front of the screen.
What other languages would you be interested in learning ? I am finding python a very easy and rewarding one to learn.

Also how much time per week do you look to be learning ?

I did not expect such a fast and positive response ! like stated above let me know what your interested in learning , why your learning and how much time you have to spare. Inbox me to chat>
And its great to see there is an active community on this page!

im at 94 marks in html getting down the bootstrap lessons, im honestly open to learn any forms of code but python and c++ are probably ones im most interested in as well. iv always wanted to create programs to make life easier and even help create some of my favorite games growing up, and coding in general is my whole life rn because its all i want to do. im just recently graduated from hs and work part time to save up but i have more than enough time to spend hours learning with you. i spend from around 3 to 10 at night learning myself usually. and im open to any learning methods your will to do with me .

lol just tell me when

Thank you @CatSoundsAwesome

deshauncm11@gmail.com is my email if your interested

I’m down to study with people. I’m online a lot just send me a message and let’s join a channel and code

join us on discord its free. add us up. mikeale03#4085, fuqted#8491, Gonzo#8224, Loefster#5296, mdasilva111#7836. We are doing some pair programming, share ideas, talk about best resources for learning.

Username : gjergjk71 :slight_smile:

Hi I am hemanth,I am average programmer and graduated in electrical engineering.i am good in hardware design and testing .I am also good in programming in C up to some extent but still I want more in C++ and python which can help me in developing new applications.i would like to join your new community , I would like to dedicate enough time as you guys are spending

Hey everyone, I have knowledge of html, css, jquery, asp.net mvc but don’t have any experience of building a fully functional website. I tried to build an ecommerce website but it’s too hard for me to complete the site alone. So I also need some partners to learn and master advanced topics of web development. I would also be very happy to help you with your doubts. DiscordId is RohitBhati#9247.

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