API Infrastructure

Hello I’m playing around with a few crypto exchange APIs and since almost every api need tokens you also need to put this in code, here the question came up for me what if I want to serve data inside my app for a few thousand users, is it common to have my own api build on top of others and how do I split it up to differend servers (Cloud).

Is Node a good choice for this?

If you are going to build something that extends the already existing crypto API with significant features that would require your own server then go for it! Node with Express/HapiJS is a good place to start.

I do not catch up on what you mean with different cloud servers; it looks to me that you only need one if your business logic is not gonna be big enough to do microservices or MVC SOA layered apps.

You can however deploy your first app to heroku; it’s dead simple. Just try to make use of good practices like efficient code and caching (either at the proxy level with Nginx or database level with Redis).

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