APIs and Microservices Project #5: trouble with tests 2 and 3

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File Metadata Microservice Project:
My project passes the first and final tests, but not the two in between:
Test 2: You can submit a form that includes a file upload.
Test 3: The form file input field has the name attribute set to upfile .

Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I have my html form field correctly configured (I simply copied it from the freeCodeCamp github), and I can’t figure out what might be wrong with my code, either.

I enclose screen shots of my code and the html file for reference…

I appreciate any comments!

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solution: https://fcc-apis-projects-dkr.herokuapp.com
githubLink: GitHub - DavidCastefa/FCC_APIs_and_Microservices_Projects: The final projects for the freeCodeCamp "APIs and Microservices" course

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Challenge: File Metadata Microservice

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The tests expect the form at the root of your app (https://fcc-apis-projects-dkr.herokuapp.com), but it is actually located at https://fcc-apis-projects-dkr.herokuapp.com/filemetadata.

You could of course submit https://fcc-apis-projects-dkr.herokuapp.com/filemetadata as your solution link, but then the api should be at https://fcc-apis-projects-dkr.herokuapp.com/filemetadata/api/fileanalyse not https://fcc-apis-projects-dkr.herokuapp.com/api/fileanalyse.

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Yes, that worked perfectly!

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