April 2018 fCC Cohort - JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

Boss told me today they may let me go this week.
I am so happy to know I will get fired and will have all the time in the world to code again!

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Always look for the silver lining

For those of you who also wants to save progress, you can follow the freeCodeCamp Contributing Guide to setup a local version of freeCodeCamp to work on.

That way you can work through beta and not lose progress if anything happens.

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I would like to join, please. :grinning: It didn’t let me edit the first post.

Bookmark this topic and edit this first post to add your username to the member list below. That’s it! All usernames in this list will be notified of future cohort topics. If you can’t edit this first post, comment below and I’ll add your username to the list.

^ That is all you need to do. It’s in the post

:star: The first topic of the April 2018 JavaScript cohort is live! :star:

Unlike the previous cohort where the strength of the cohort was in reviewing projects, the strength of this cohort really comes from discussions and sharing resources around the content.

Do you know of any good resources for any of the information we learn in part 1? If so, edit the first post with your resources and/or add a reply there so we can get the discussion started. There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to JavaScript! :sunny:


I want to give this a try but this is new to me. Is there a certain group on the forum where we ask questions or post progress?

Hi @reginabfly

In the comment above yours there is this link you can follow. Discussion, Questions, and Resources for Part 1 (JavaScript - April 2018 Cohort)

i woild like to join the cohort for April 2018

Add me to the list please!

add me too please ! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I would love to be involved in this cohort. Can you please add me to the list as well @camper?

Thank you so much!

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Please add me to the list.

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Please add me to the cohort Apr 2018!

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Please add me to the list.

Please add me to the cohort, thank you.

Please ignore my previous comment. I think I have burned out for the day. Just found the schedule. Time to rest up!

I can’t wait!

Thank you,

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Please add me to the cohort.Thank you so much .

I’d like to join the cohort as well. Thanks! RHoneyman87

I’d like to join! Please add me.