Are these projects worth showing to employers?

I’m getting mixed opinions on if doing the certification projects are worth showing to employers. Some say they wouldnt bother showing these projects since they are easy and can just be copied. I wanted to know your guys opinions on that.


There are some projects that can be labeled as “portfolio projects”, like Tic Tac Toe games, todo and movie apps, you get the idea. They are in thousands of junior portfolios. We have members who are/were involved in hiring developers, saying they will skip all applicants who have nothing else to show.

You are right to avoid them for your application.

Some of them can, however, be a good start for your capstone project. The todo and weather app could be part of fullstack suite of desktop tools for example. In the end it’s a good idea to build one or two fullstack applications (even if you want to be a front end developer) and make them look and feel as professional as possible:

  • Clean design, buy a template if you are weak at designing
  • Make the apps user friendly and accessible
  • Put them in GitHub repositories and show that you know version control
  • Test them for bugs and for performance (Lighthouse etc.)
  • Write good documentation with tech stack, change logs, problems you had to solve etc.

All these will set you apart from the crowd, are doable and you will need most of those skills at your job.

TLDR: Avoid small “portfolio projects”, make one or two fullstack apps and work on the points in the list above. You don’t have to come up with the new WhatsApp or have to be original, just make your projects look as professional as you can.


Thank you so much! This was really helpful.

I personally would start building an e-commerce store / social media app. I don’t think todo apps look good. But then again, both e-commerce stores and social media apps are just as common, so if you can come up with something more original it would be better ig?