Are things intentionally left out to make me do my own research?

I’m on the “Learn Accessibility by making a quiz” portion, specifically step 48, though this is not the first time I’ve noticed that sometimes, things seem to be left intentionally vague to make me do my own reading/research into how to do what the curriculum is asking of me. I’ve found that when I do that and get the answer wrong, the actual method of doing so is something that’s brand new to me. Prior to step 48 of this portion of the curriculum, I’ve never put “top” in or “justify-content: space-between” and honestly have no idea what they do. I find myself often having to go and look up what the functionality of a certain element is after being told to make use of it.

I’m not necessarily complaining, FCC is a wonderful resource and having to go out and find the answer on my own is undoubtedly something I’ll have to do again and again in this field, it’s just a little frustrating.

Yes and no. It’s not designed to be deliberately confusing or frustrating, but it’s definitely not exhaustive. Think of it as being left up to the student which topics to pursue in detail.


I think I may not have retained everything from previous lessons as well. Thank you!

There is some open issues on GitHub to try to improve this specific project’s flow for learners.

You can see what is being proposed and maybe contribute your own thoughts to it here

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