If this interests the freeCodeCamp team - problem with “Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz” course

I just wanted to offer some feedback on this particular course if I’m allowed~

I’m pretty new to freeCodeCamp, but not exactly new to coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While I’m certainly no expert, I do have experience with other platforms and curriculums.

I decided to begin with the new Responsive Web Design course (figured I might as well start from scratch here) and so far each lesson has been fantastic. Each step in the projects have introduced concepts in a mostly easy to understand way (but perhaps my experience is helping me out here)

That being said, the “Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz” course kinda sticks out as below the others. The steps in this course are confusing and convoluted, often asking me to do things that haven’t been even somewhat introduced. I’m no stranger to having to google topics to learn more, and perhaps that’s what this lesson is trying to teach, but I say all this as a somewhat experienced web dev.

If i was brand new to these topics, I am positive this particular course would have given me a lot of trouble.

Another thing I noticed that is a tad nitpicky is that the CSS questions featured on the quiz have nothing to do with CSS… of course, it doesn’t really matter too much for teaching the concepts but I did find it a little odd.

Anyways don’t take this as a harsh complaint or anything - just thought I’d offer these thoughts in case the team wants to take a look at it. Thanks so much for everything you have done for the community!

Hey there! We appreciate all feedback!

Would you be able to give a more detailed feedback? for example, what topics/which steps have this abrupt introduction?

Welcome there,

Thank you for your feedback. We do have a few issues open involving this project: Issues · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub

I encourage you to either add to one/more of those issues, and/or contribute by helping fix the issues

I went ahead and tacked on a much more detailed post to this issue - thanks for the heads up!

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