Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz ---- Overall Feedback

I just want to throw out that i’ve been enjoying learning HTML and CSS so far and appreciate that this is free.

That said, I feel that this course is a big step down compared to the previous ones on this learning track. A lot of the concepts in this course are not introduced properly and it seems like the course assumes we already know these concepts. I’ve had to use outside help much more on this course than any of the other ones i’ve done so far.

Also, many of the things introduced we just sort of breezed over to where if I had to reference anything here in the next project or courses i’m going to have trouble.

Anyone else feel this way about this course?

can you provide some examples or links to steps?

then we can create issues on the freeCodeCamp github repo to make updates so it is clearer for future learners :+1: